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Goodbye Shakti Bhatt

There is no sane way of saying this. Shakti Bhatt, the closest thing to a golden child that you will ever see, an unflappable, funny, sexy,woman, loyal friend and owner of strange shoes is dead.

I have only known her a few months but I saw years ahead of us, keeping pace, as we both wrote and conquered the world. I would be published and famous. She would be that strange beast no one has seen before, a successful publisher with impeccable standards and a serious novelist. There was no way this could not happen because Shakti was fearless and ready to take up everything and more that the world offered her. In the first few months of my arriving here Shakti made Delhi seem like an eccentric village that could be dealt with, if one was ready to be amused and unafraid.

Goodbye, Shakti, we will all miss you very, very, very much.

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What exactly happened? I met her just before leaving India, she was vibrant and in the pink of health. Did she get sick? Nobody seems to be able to tell me.


an old friend whom i lost touch with

this news comes as a shock to me and i havent been in touch with her for years now and lose her so soon was not at all expected.
i hope she finds peace whereever she is and hope god gives her family and loved ones peace and strength to deal with this unfair occurence.
i knew her when she was in school a good friend and human being .
we shared a few real good moments as real good friends and thus she remains in our hearts the same way today and forever



What happened?

Is there someone trying to find out the cause of her death?

Re: What happened?

Dear All,

All I know is that Shakti fell very ill on Saturday night while she was out at dinner and that she died soon after. It would be better if you did not direct any more enquiries about the death here since it feels uncomfortably public to me. Sorry to be all prissy about this.


Re: What happened?

Could I perhaps email you vis a vis S?


Re: What happened?

I am real uncomfortable about the mystery behind Shakti Bhatt's death. What happened?
I'm so sorry to hear this. What a talented person, what a terrible loss!